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How is your business doing? How do you know?

Times of economic uncertainty have an uncanny knack of focusing our attention on the performance of our business, particularly if sales figures begin to slide. For those lucky enough to be enjoying buoyant sales, the temptation is to maintain the status quo, but as always, the potential exists to do better for the sake of our customers and in doing so, our balance sheets too.

Whilst still at school, undoubtedly many of us received report cards that stated ‘could do better’ for some of our subjects, but infuriatingly few teachers provided concrete actions which could be taken to make those improvements. This same situation can present itself when we ask our customers direct ‘how are we doing?’

Picture of a survey form

Providing clients with the opportunity to give feedback is a no-brainer, but it is important to f...

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How much do Google Adwords influence me?

In the past, I used to think I was fairly impervious to Google, I could take it or leave it because there are plenty of other search engines out there which yield reasonable results after all. But as I was thinking about pay-per-click advertising last night it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps I trust Google far more than I initially believed.

Over the years I have trained myself to ignore advertising almost completely. I rarely watch advertisement breaks on TV and when I do, there is little chance I can tell you which adverts I have seen. Similarly I have a banner ad blocker installed so miss most of those when surfing. Flyers, posters and billboards are all unconsciously blocked because I would rather find out information about products myself, rather than listen to what brands think I...

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Learned something new? Blog it!

During the course of the many ghostwriting projects I undertake at Tech Write, research plays a critical part in helping me create compelling content for clients. The added benefit of this ‘reading around a subject’ is that I often find out interesting tips and tricks which go on to form the basis of future blog posts or articles for those same clients.

And herein lies a useful piece of advice – if you come across a useful piece of information related to your business, products or services, you should probably write it down and share it.

Why? There are two reasons. Firstly, if the information or concept you discover is brand new to you, chances are that at least some of the people reading your material have no idea either...

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Sharing Web Content is Good

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Business ‘wisdom’ tells us that to succeed, we have to keep our knowledge to ourselves to form a competitive advantage. Most of our mothers however would have emphasised the importance of sharing to get ahead in life. So when it comes to producing information for the web who is correct? The mothers or the business gurus?

Our own experience tells us that we can make friends and influence people by giving things to them. Sharing our toys made us popular at kindergarten so why should it be any different in the digitally connected world? One of the easiest ways to gain brand credibility is to share your business knowledge with others.

How so? If you are willing to give out genuinely useful information for free, your reputation as an expert will be automatically enhanced. If you are the only bu...

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When did you last say thank you?

In direct defiance of our mother’s instructions, saying ‘thank you’ has become quite a rare occurrence. Yet a quick thank you note could be all that is needed to bolster customer loyalty and turn a one-off sale into successful repeat business.

What do I mean? Think about the last time someone said a genuine word of thanks to you. How did it make you feel? Good, right? So it is safe to assume that a genuine thank you to your customers has a similar effect.

Next time you make a sale, don’t just collect customer contact information for your next e-shot or mailing blast, send them a quick note of appreciation. If your business is small enough to write a quick personalised email, do it! It does not have to be eloquent or wordy, but it should be genuine...

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