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Are you ready for Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm?

An example of mobile friendly webdesign

Google is launching yet another ranking factor on April 21, aimed to “reward” pages that are more mobile friendly with higher positions in search results. The only way to benefit from this new mobile search ranking boost is to ensure your website is ready for use with smartphones and tablets. Just remember that every promotion is accompanied by a corresponding demotion for every site that is not mobile compatible.

Expect to see a lot of whining blog posts from SEO “experts” whose sites have been demoted floating being published on the 22nd.

Getting responsive

For web designers this means using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create a shiny new responsive design to display content effectively on tablets and smartphones as well as traditional desktop browsers...

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How Google Glass is already changing mobile marketing

Talk of Google Glass is everywhere in the media at the moment, with many branding the technology as the breakthrough for mainstream wearable computing. If you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will have missed the release of the device to a select band of early adopters. Looking a bit like a pair of glasses, the device gives wearers a display mounted over their right eye onto which is projected information like emails, notifications and tweets. They can also take photos and videos using a camera built into the headset.

The technology remains in its infancy which is why Google have limited the number of “explorers”, and why initial reports from all but a few remain relatively muted...

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Who should you target, Search Engines or Readers?

When producing content for a website, writers are faced with a severe dilemma – should web copy be optimised for search engines at the expense of readability, or should it be written for the reader alone, even at the expense of search engine result placement? After all, if most people come into contact with your website for the first time from search results, should content not be created specifically to increase the likelihood of that happening?

Use this QR Code to tweet a link to the article 'Who should you target, Search Engines or Readers?'

Use this QR Code to tweet a link to the article 'Who should you target, Search Engines or Readers?'

It is always important to remember that search engine optimisation is but one tool in the arsenal available to you...

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You cannot afford to ignore the mobile web any longer

For many businesses the mobile web has been seen as a passing fad. Mobile websites have traditionally been slow to load and uninteresting to use but the transition to smartphones with larger screens and tablet computers has changed the mobile web permanently.

Picture of an iPad

The iPad is now critical to mobile commerce

The latest figures from RichRelevance’s 2012 Q1 Shopping Insights Mobile Study suggest that not only is the UK at the forefront of mobile web shopping, but that by March of this year, mobile devices accounted for 9.1% of all e-commerce transactions. Even more importantly, the average transaction from mobile devices was £109.68; desktop computers averaged just £100.05.

The figures go on and on, all proving that iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices are of increasing value to online bu...

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Does the New iPad Change Mobile Web Content?

Much has been made of the New iPad, focusing heavily on the new ‘Retina’ display which has a pixel density greater than that of a 40″ plasma TV (for the non-technical reader that means you can fit more stuff on the screen at once). This sudden rise in available screen real estate presents web designers and content managers with a dilemma – how much should I put on each screen? Picture of the New iPad

Previously we discussed the importance of brevity when creating mobile-friendly websites because screen sizes meant that visitors were unlikely to spend a great deal of time and effort scrolling through screens. With it’s greater capacity however, the New iPad negates this argument doesn’t it?

Despite selling over 3 million units in less than four days, the New iPad is still a comparative rarity when it comes to th...

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