Why you cannot ignore the need for new web content

When the World Wide Web was in its infancy, having a single page website was enough to differentiate one business from it’s competitors and allow them a massive advantage in terms of providing an additional advertising channel. Skip forward to today however and not only is having a website critical to business success, the website must also contain new and frequently updated content.


Social Media Requires Fresh Content Too

Many social media experts suggest that having a corporate Facebook and Google+ pages and Twitter account should suffice, providing a channel by which customers can contact you. However merely having these communications channels is not enough – social media and the modern Internet rely heavily on two way conversations. Your clients may like to be able to reach you through the medium which suits them best, but they also expect you to converse with them. As such, even Facebook and Twitter require frequently updated content to keep clients engaged.

For businesses intending to trade through their websites, increasing visitor numbers is essential. You can advertise your website both on and offline but the way in which most people will find your website for the first time is through a search engine, usually Google. And usually your website needs to appear in the top 10-20 search results if it is to triumph over your competitors.


Providing Fresh Content for Google Success

One of the key ways to get Google’s magic index spiders interested in your website is to provide fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. Once Google becomes aware that your site is regularly updated and that you provide quality content for visitors, it begins to place more value on your site, automatically moving it up the search engine’s rankings.

Initially developing this fresh content is quite easy as there are a number of aspects of your business you should be able to write about a few times a week. However what do you do if you run out of ideas? The temptation is to leave your website in a state of limbo – after all what you have on there must be good because it’s working already, right? But what about repeat visitors? If they find that your content is no longer up-to-date, that they no longer have anything new to learn from you, they will go elsewhere – most likely straight to one of your nearest competitor’s websites.


Outsourced Web Content Writing

Which is where outsourcing web content writing comes into its own. If you have run out of ideas, or simply cannot find the time required to produce an article three, four or even five days a week, then seeking professional assistance is the wisest choice. Here at Tech Write UK we produce regular content for businesses as diverse as hosted software vendors to hair loss clinics to poultry keeping classes to student financial advice sites.

We have written for companies based in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Italy and have all the research skills required to help keep your website up-to-date and newsworthy. Why not get in touch to find out more about how Tech Write could help improve your website using the contact form here?