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Are you ready for Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm?

An example of mobile friendly webdesign

Google is launching yet another ranking factor on April 21, aimed to “reward” pages that are more mobile friendly with higher positions in search results. The only way to benefit from this new mobile search ranking boost is to ensure your website is ready for use with smartphones and tablets. Just remember that every promotion is accompanied by a corresponding demotion for every site that is not mobile compatible.

Expect to see a lot of whining blog posts from SEO “experts” whose sites have been demoted floating being published on the 22nd.

Getting responsive

For web designers this means using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create a shiny new responsive design to display content effectively on tablets and smartphones as well as traditional desktop browsers...

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New Tech Write Website

Hopefully regular readers will have noticed Tech Write has a shiny new website. If this is your first time here looking for copywriting services, then I hope the new design helps you find what you need. There are still a few bugs to iron out, but this new design should also look and respond a whole lot better on tablets and smartphones.

Let me know what you think with a comment below, or send me a tweet. All constructive criticism is welcome!

And in case you were worried, my copywriting services are unaffected by this new design. I still produce unique articles and reports of the highest quality on demand. Drop me a line if you need something.

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What are you trying to say? Web content that engages

Your business exists for one reason, and one reason alone – to sell your particular products and services. Clearly this helps define your raison d’être, but does it communicate what your customer needs to hear?

What does your customer want to know?It is easy to assume that your potential customer and you think alike; that they want to hear what it is you want to tell them. However this kind of thinking is not only backward, it could also mean that they end up giving their business to one of your competitors. The correct way to communicate with customers is to tell them what they want actually want to know. It sounds simple, but Tech Write have dealt with plenty of businesses more interested in broadcasting their company line completely ignoring their customer’s needs in the process.

So how do you know what your customer w...

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Does the New iPad Change Mobile Web Content?

Much has been made of the New iPad, focusing heavily on the new ‘Retina’ display which has a pixel density greater than that of a 40″ plasma TV (for the non-technical reader that means you can fit more stuff on the screen at once). This sudden rise in available screen real estate presents web designers and content managers with a dilemma – how much should I put on each screen? Picture of the New iPad

Previously we discussed the importance of brevity when creating mobile-friendly websites because screen sizes meant that visitors were unlikely to spend a great deal of time and effort scrolling through screens. With it’s greater capacity however, the New iPad negates this argument doesn’t it?

Despite selling over 3 million units in less than four days, the New iPad is still a comparative rarity when it comes to th...

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Customer Feedback is a Content Goldmine

Although customer feedback is essential for improving products and services, their responses can in fact be multi-purpose, helping to create a further return on investment when creating and deploying satisfaction surveys. When the results of a feedback survey are collated, they often contain gems which can be put to good use for marketing your business.

The Testimonial

In an age where social interaction is becoming more important, customer recommendations are gold. Often customer

Picture of A+ customer feedback

If you get some A+ customer feedback, you should always use it for a website testimonial

feedback contains positive comments which can then be used on your website or other advertising media, raising the credibility of your business...

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