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Important news for Russian and Ukranian copywriting clients


Due to a huge rise in spam over the past few days, I have been forced to block all email messages coming from the and services. Please ensure that any Russian copywriting queries* are sent from another mail service instead.


You should be aware that this ban applies to the contact forms on this website too.


I apologise to any potential copywriting clients from Russia for this inconvenience. I am still interested in working with you!


For the rest of the world, I am equally careful about messages sent from free services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Queries (or guest post requests) sent from these addresses will attract additional scrutiny before we can do business together. Sorry.


Ready with a reputable email address? Use the form at the bottom of the page t...

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Dollars, Euros, Zloty and more – multicurrency payments welcome here


With more international copywriting projects than ever before, I am pleased to announce that clients can now pay in their home currency. Multicurrency services like Revolut and Transferwise greatly simplify the international payments process. Much easier than making traditional cross-border payments in British Pounds.


Multicurrency image of Euros, Dollars, Zloty, Pounds etcNormally international currency payments are a pain because of expensive bank fees and foreign exchange rates.


With all that extra hassle, you may be tempted to choose a local tech copywriter who speaks excellent English. But can they write convincingly in a foreign language?


Fortunately these problems are solved when you can pay for tech copywriting services in your home currency.


Multicurrency payments – everyone wins

Simplified accounting is just one benefi...

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2017 – Copywriting in the shadow of Brexit (and other news)

It’s been a funny old year for many reasons – probably because no one seems to know what is happening during this interim Brexit era.

But there have been a few positive changes in the world of copywriting – for Tech Write.

A shift in “visual” content

The past few years have seen a steady stream of requests for copy to accompany infographics and Slideshare presentations. In 2016 I was completing four or five each month. This year I have done a grand total of two.

Clearly the nature of web content evolves, but there are three reasons I suspect for the sudden death of infographics and Slideshare presentations:

1. Pretty infographics may have been ideal social media bait, but the embedded text is not easily indexed by Google’s spiders...

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The UK Election Failure Is Great News (If You Want a Native English Copywriter)

By failing to return an overall majority, the UK General Election has descended into farce. Hardly a surprise when you consider the campaign that went before.


A graph showing the fall in value of the pound - a 2% discount for a native English copywriter

This is what a forced 2% discount looks like to a native English copywriter

Investors and currency traders wasted no time reacting to the news, crushing the Pound as punishment for British indecision – and their own indecision regarding Brexit.


But this confusion is great news for businesses based outside the UK.


The weak Pound means that you can now get a lot more copy for your money.


In fact, my copywriting prices are now 2% cheaper than they were yesterday.


Or 13% cheaper than this time last year.


Now is the time to invest in a native English copywriter to produce content for your international audience.



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Was “Broadchurch” scripted by a copywriter?

Now into its second season, British crime drama fans are still debating the relative merits of ITV’s flagship program “Broadchurch”. The series deals with the murder of a young boy in a small seaside town, the reactions of family and friends, and the police investigation that follows.

A picture of the cast of Broadchurch

Copywriters could learn a lot from the story of these fictional characters.

Image © ITV 2013


The success of the series, which generated massive viewing figures, is undeniable. But the script also contains a number of useful nuggets for copywriters to use in their own projects too.

Why? Because Broadchurch delivered exactly what it promised. As should your copy.

Know your audience

The reason Broadchurch proved so popular was that the writers clearly knew and understood their audience...

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