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Are you ready for Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm?

An example of mobile friendly webdesign

Google is launching yet another ranking factor on April 21, aimed to “reward” pages that are more mobile friendly with higher positions in search results. The only way to benefit from this new mobile search ranking boost is to ensure your website is ready for use with smartphones and tablets. Just remember that every promotion is accompanied by a corresponding demotion for every site that is not mobile compatible.

Expect to see a lot of whining blog posts from SEO “experts” whose sites have been demoted floating being published on the 22nd.

Getting responsive

For web designers this means using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create a shiny new responsive design to display content effectively on tablets and smartphones as well as traditional desktop browsers...

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No blog? Your website is doomed. Or not.

Your website must have a blog. If your site has no blog, you have no hope of getting the attention of potential customers or search engines and your website is doomed. And your business too.  Or so many web gurus will tell you.

A picture of a sinking ship

Your blogless website will sink like a stone. Not.


The blog is a powerful tool when generating website traffic and developing your brand. A blog really does help demonstrate your industry expertise and help your potential customers understand who you are and what you do. But there are other ways to achieve similar goals.

Consider social media...

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Klout changes it’s algorithm – should you be concerned?

The Internet has been abuzz over the past 48 hours with chat relating to a change in the way Klout measures social influence. For many people it’s a big deal, while others appear completely unfazed. So should you be concerned?

Do you use social media?

If the answer is no, then you can forget all about Klout. Without a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account it is impossible to obtain a Klout score.

Should I focus on improving my Klout score?

If you are a business, absolutely not! Your core focus should be providing the very best products and services to customers, rather than chasing down a rather arbitrary guide on how popular you are. Make the use of social media another channel by which you interact with clients, resolving their issues and educating them...

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