No blog? Your website is doomed. Or not.

Your website must have a blog. If your site has no blog, you have no hope of getting the attention of potential customers or search engines and your website is doomed. And your business too.  Or so many web gurus will tell you.

A picture of a sinking ship

Your blogless website will sink like a stone. Not.


The blog is a powerful tool when generating website traffic and developing your brand. A blog really does help demonstrate your industry expertise and help your potential customers understand who you are and what you do. But there are other ways to achieve similar goals.

Consider social media. If you maintain a business presence on Google+ or Facebook is there really any difference between posting a focused, informative status update and writing an identical article to be hosted on your website? Of course not. Your followers and their friends will still see that you know what you are talking about and that you really are an expert. And if they want to know more they can leave a post on your wall or click through to your website. They might even buy something.

That’s not to say that posting to a social network is necessarily any easier than writing a blog post. You will still need to read, research, write and edit until you have something interesting and engaging to share with your followers. Is it easy to generate compelling content day after day, week after week? Absolutely not, and nor is it a quick job. Which is why you may still like to consider outsourcing the job.

The SEO gurus are correct on one issue however. It is absolutely essential that your business be actively creating web content somewhere on the internet. And not only writing for the web, but engaging with people and forging relationships. If you miss this key point, your website really could be doomed.

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