Shiny new business website? Don’t neglect the copy

A business website which does not generate leads or sales is a failure. Graphic design and marketing both play their part in increasing website effectiveness, but website copy is just as important. Unfortunately, businesses often choose the cheapest copywriting service they can, failing to recognise the damage that crappy copy causes.

Tickboxes showing design, ease of use and website copy

Design, ease-of-use and copy are essential for website success

But before you write this article off as another copywriter complaining about being underpaid, consider the following gem hidden in a recent survey conducted by Yuseo regarding customer attitudes to shopping online:

Just one-third of internet users are significantly influenced by website graphics when considering a purchase

You may be tempted to dismiss this as a niche finding, based on a tiny selection of internet users, but the survey sampled 24,000 users in both the UK and France. It should be noted that website text was rated no higher in terms of importance to customers – they were more interested in how easy it was to use the website.

Your business website copy is what convinces readers to become customers. Whether this is through exciting product descriptions or careful wording on website buttons, text is what converts casual browsers into cash. Text is what moves customers through your site. It is text that tells a customer what they need to do, increasing the ease of use of your website. Great copy is crucial to website success.

So if you are conducting a website review, or need to know why the site is not as successful as hoped, check your copy first. Is it simple to understand? Does it communicate your message clearly? Does it tell visitors what to do? Does it result in sales?

Even if your website copy ends up costing more than you hoped, if it generates more converted leads and increased turnover, the investment will have been worth it.

If you need help populating your website with text that converts, drop us a line and ask about our copywriting services and experience – we’re probably more affordable than you think!