Making your web content work harder – Part 1

Recently I was asked by a customer whether it was OK to post an article which I had written for them in multiple locations. Obviously duplicating content across the web tends to cause trouble with search engines and so I advised against it. However the question led me to ask one of my own – how can my clients make better use of the content which they have commissioned me to write thereby maximising the return on their investment in my copywriting services?

Picture of a recycling bin containing paperwork

So I came up with ten ways to rework and repurpose an initial blog post or article without having to request more content. Here are the first five (the second set will appear on Thursday):

1. A press release

If the initial article was about a new product, service or achievement, why not turn it into a press release? There are thousands of publications and blogs looking for content and press releases help them meet their needs. With a little work, the press release can be pitched at industry publications or commentators with a view to gaining extra brand exposure. Alternatively you can submit the news item to an online distribution site as a way of gaining backlinks.

2. A white paper

Try expanding the original article with some relevant research and pertinent quotes to create a multi-page document. The completed white paper can then be offered as an incentive to would-be mailing list subscribers or made available for free download from your website.

3. Newsletter content

If your company sends out a periodic newsletter, chances are that you often struggle for content with which to fill the pages. Cut down on the time and effort usually associated with writing a newsletter by repurposing some of the content from your blog.

4. A forum topic starter

If your company maintains a forum somewhere (like LinkedIn), you can use a cut down article to start a new thread, thereby stimulating debate. Even better, give a brief rundown of the article along with a link back to the original article on your website. You can then pose a question based on the article to get people talking about your business.

5. A manual

Often overlooked, manuals are still very important to some users and should not be completely neglected in favour of self-help forums. You can collect together related blog posts for compilation into a manual which can then be made available for reading online or download from your website. Much cheaper than having someone write one from scratch.

So there you have the first five. Don’t forget to check out the next 5 examples of Making your web content work harder.

If you need assistance with a copywriting project in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.