Web content writing – Are you over-reliant on PPC?


Fact – Your website needs increased traffic to raise sales
Fact – Search engines remain the number one way for people to discover your website
Fact – Paid search results can get you to the top of Google rankings (ish)


Obviously you should be concentrating your online marketing budget on PPC right?


Wrong! Consider the following stats:

  • 85% of search engine traffic comes via organic links
  • Only 11% of advertisers report achieving a higher ROI through a Pay Per Click Advertising Program than an Organic Search Engine Optimization program
  • 4 out of 5 (80%) of search engine users never click on PPC results
  • 86% of search engine users report they feel organic listings are more relevant than paid listings (Source: Zero One Zero)


And what about the following quote from Marc Resnick’s seminal work, An Empirical Study Of Paid Listings In Product Search And Purchase:

For paid listings to yield the financial results that are anticipated by the business community, it is critical that consumers perceive paid listings and their descriptions as relevant to their transactional tasks. The results of this study support previous findings that this may not be the case, but also provide some guidance for the development of paid listings. Participants in the study showed a bias against paid listings in several ways. They reported an explicit suspicion about paid listings in their verbal protocols. They rated the relevance of the paid listings as lower than the organic listings despite the content of the descriptions being controlled across listing type


Picture of an upward graph indicating elevated profits

Increase your website traffic, increase your profits

Does this mean you should drop PPC completely? No, but it should serve as a warning that paid search complements organic SEO.


PPC does not (and cannot) replace quality web content as a driver for your website. Organic search engine results are driven by carefully crafted, compelling website copy which is relevant, entertaining and informative for real people.


Google have stated the importance of creating content that people actually want to read time and again. Truly great websites recognised this long ago, and are inevitably crammed with fantastic content. Unfortunately there is no shortcut to success.


Organic SEO provides a long term boost to your website traffic, PPC traffic lasts only as long as your budget. Paid search can kick start traffic to your website, but ultimately it will be quality content which keeps traffic and customers flowing to your site.


One more thing! SEO and top notch copywriting is not about creating website traffic. Your focus must always be on creating sales. All the website visitors in the world will not be of use if you convert them into customers too.


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