What links International Education Week and Web Copywriting Services?

International flags marking International Education Week

The internet makes your web content truly global

This year International Education Week is being held between the 12th and 19th November. But what does a celebration of international education and web copywriting services have in common?

The answer involves considering what your own website is trying to achieve. What are most people looking for when they surf the web? What are you looking for as you trawl websites? For some it will be entertainment but for most it will be information. Some will even be looking for entertaining information.

But when you read useful information, you are of course being educated in the process.

However, unlike International Education Week, the content on your website has to last longer than seven days. In fact it probably needs to be added to at least once every week to keep visitors coming back. Why? By providing genuinely useful information on your website you can:

  • Encourage visitors to come back and visit your site, hopefully converting them into customers in the process.
  • Establish a reputation within your industry or sector for expertise and generosity.
  • Attract the attention of search engines who will direct more visitors to your site once they have indexed your content.

This copywritten content can take the form of new web pages, blog posts or even articles submitted to publications or guest posts on other websites. The key is to ensure the information you produce is genuinely useful to your readers – try to educate and inform rather than just writing for the sake of it.

So why not get your business involved with International Education Week by engaging in some creative web copywriting? Your readers learn, your company prospers and the world becomes just that little bit better educated!

If you need help, Tech Write offer a number of very affordable web copywriting services designed to give your website the content it needs and that your readers deserve. Alternatively drop us a line using our contact form to find out how we can help.