When did you last say thank you?

In direct defiance of our mother’s instructions, saying ‘thank you’ has become quite a rare occurrence. Yet a quick thank you note could be all that is needed to bolster customer loyalty and turn a one-off sale into successful repeat business.

What do I mean? Think about the last time someone said a genuine word of thanks to you. How did it make you feel? Good, right? So it is safe to assume that a genuine thank you to your customers has a similar effect.

Next time you make a sale, don’t just collect customer contact information for your next e-shot or mailing blast, send them a quick note of appreciation. If your business is small enough to write a quick personalised email, do it! It does not have to be eloquent or wordy, but it should be genuine. A note from a ‘real’ person is a bit like getting a postcard – people appreciate the effort, no matter how small, and that in turn generates an emotional response. And emotional responses, positive or negative define how your customer views your business.

By creating a positive interaction, your customers will be also more receptive to your next ‘proper’ sales pitch. When you show your customer that you care about their business they also tend to respond in kind. A good metaphor is the farmer ploughing his field before sowing seed; your thank you note is the plough, softening the ground ready for the sales message (or seed). Link to blog post 'When did you last say thank you?'

There is no rocket science involved in good manners, but the potential benefits could lift your sales into the stratosphere. Here at Tech Write I don’t do training in etiquette or manners, but I can help put the right words together for your customers. Why not drop me a line? You can also use this QR code to re-share the love ->