Content Marketing, $1 Trillion and Your Business

A new report from eMarketer claims that global ecommerce sales have topped $1 trillion for the first time in 2012. Yes, $1 trillion. And that figure is set to rise again next year.

Stack of pound coins created through copywriting and content marketing

Using content marketing and copywriting you could start creating stacks of cash for your business

It is little surprise to find that US shoppers account for the majority of that sum. However Britain’s position in the league table is unexpected – second with $110 billion spent. Bad news for the high street perhaps, but great for those trying to leverage the power of the web for increased profit.

Which is why despite the popularity of online video, copywriting services are becoming ever more important. Websites, blogs, articles and whitepapers are all now essential for increasing brand awareness and driving visitors to your website.

Content marketing, uses passive copywriting techniques to generate client interest, and create potential sales leads in the process. In the past, marketing involved pushing information at would-be clients. However these days clients are a lot more discerning, preferring to receive marketing messages on their own terms. Content marketing is designed to pull customers to your website and your business.

It is only by trying to engage with readers can you “pull” them, causing them to come towards you by their own choice. Pushing is like swimming against a current – the swimmer is either pushed away, or pushes against the information (and your business), neither of which is likely to be a positive experience!

As a result, creating non-advertising content like whitepapers, infographics and articles are even more important. And with a projected UK share of $141 billion up for grabs in 2013, the stakes are high.

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