Don’t Copyfail with Copywriting – Copywrong and Copyright

When producing marketing content for your website, emails or brochures, there is a fine balance between a copywrong and a copywrite. Consider these examples:

Picture of a fail star awarded by for bad copywriting

Yes, this paragraph gets a star. But it’s still a copyfail.

Copywrong – Copywriting fail

Established in 2010, Tech Write has been providing outstanding copywriting services to businesses across the globe. Built on the exceptional writing talent of Ben Lloyd, Tech Write has quickly established itself as a market leading copywriting agency delivering truly spectacular content to  clients, garnering us a number of rave reviews, award nominations and untold riches. Tech Write is truly ahead of the game, giving us the insights required to improve your business marketing efforts.

Copyright – Copywriting win

The win ball is awarded for copyright copywriting

The win ball is awarded for copyright copywriting

Established in 2010 by aspiring copywriter Ben Lloyd, Tech Write exists for the sole purpose of assisting your business achieve revenue growth goals through effective written content creation. You know how your company works, what you sell and your customers’ preferences – our job is to turn that knowledge into written content that informs your clients, piques curiosity and improves your sales prospects. Let us help by freeing up your time to concentrate on running your core business, safe in the knowledge that Tech Write are working towards the same goal – your business growth.

What’s the difference?

At first glance both the Copywrong and the Copyright paragraphs looks very similar. In fact they pretty much say exactly the same thing, but it is the way in which they are worded which makes the difference.

Imagine Copywrong was a person and spoke to you like that. What do you notice? It’s all “me me me”. The text talks about how great Tech Write’s is and how we can benefit our company. Apparently we know everything and your business should just listen to us. When faced with this kind of aggressive self-promotion, most people switch off. And if your reader switches off, you’ve just achieved a copyfail.

The Copyright paragraph is completely different. This text focuses instead on you, the reader. What are your needs? What do you know? How can we help apply that knowledge for your benefit? It’s all “you you you”. Because our job as copywriters at Tech Write really is to identify your business pain points and address them for your benefit.

The best way to decide whether your copywriting efforts are on target is to review your text from the point of view of your intended reader. Ask yourself “What’s in it for me?” – that’s exactly what your website visitor will be considering as they read your blog. If you cannot answer the question, you’re probably off target and need to engage in a spot of copyediting!

So remember:

  • me + me + me = copywrong
  • you + you + you = copyright

Need a hand? Tech Write really can help reinvigorate your website content to make it more compelling for your customers, or produce totally new materials designed to engage your customers and increase your sales leads and revenue growth – just drop us a line to find out more.