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Copywriting tip – Would you like more business?

Yesterday I received a message via LinkedIn with the compelling subject line “Would you like more business?”. This simple, powerful opener had the desired effect – I clicked through to see what amazing insight I was being offered.

Picture of a misspelled sign demonstrating the importance of spellchecking in copywriting

If you thought horsemeat in your burgers was bad, wait until you see what Tesco have put in your coffee

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the message was actually from a LinkedIn user* selling website development services. Fair play to them for exploiting the power of social media to sell their products plus a bonus 10 points for the effective subject line.

The body of the email contained a number of links to previous projects completed by this person and their company...

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2012 – Our copywriting year in review – Part 1


2012 began relatively slowly here at Tech Write as we continued to provide ghostwriting services as part of our long-standing relationship with the team at Write My Site. Over the course of the next 31 days Tech Write created white label content on topics as diverse as:

2012 - Our year in review

Because a magnifying glass make analysis look so much more professional

  • Electronic invoicing and document interchange
  • Supply chain management
  • Hair loss
  • Car and household insurance


February marked the beginning of a new working relationship with ESP Recruitment– a specialist recruiter of skilled support staff for roles in schools...

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Making your web content work harder – Part 1

Recently I was asked by a customer whether it was OK to post an article which I had written for them in multiple locations. Obviously duplicating content across the web tends to cause trouble with search engines and so I advised against it. However the question led me to ask one of my own – how can my clients make better use of the content which they have commissioned me to write thereby maximising the return on their investment in my copywriting services?

Picture of a recycling bin containing paperwork

So I came up with ten ways to rework and repurpose an initial blog post or article without having to request more content. Here are the first five (the second set will appear on Thursday):

1. A press release

If the initial article was about a new product, service or achievement, why not turn it into a press release? There are thousands ...

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LinkedIn password compromised? How to pick a secure replacement

If you are a user of social media, then the news that 6 million LinkedIn passwords have been compromised and posted online should be worrying. Not only could your reputation take a hit if someone decides to spoof your communications, but the implications could be far larger and more damaging still.

Because contrary to best practice, most people still use the same password for each of their online accounts. So if hackers get hold of that password via LinkedIn, they can then use it to get into your bank, PayPal, and Facebook accounts too. Obviously you need to (a) change your LinkedIn password and (b) come up with a new, yet memorable way to have unique passwords for each of your online accounts. 

Creating a new, secure password system

The first step to creating a secure password is to thin...

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