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Monday Musing – In Defence of Copywriting

There is a commonly-held belief that copywriters simply write marketing materials because they cannot get their novels published. Unfortunately this view is not only untrue, but it also devalues the valuable work of copywriters too.

Henri Mürger, novelist not copywriter

Henri Mürger was the quintessential Parisian author who starved for his art. Perhaps copywriting could have helped fill his belly as he wrote?

B2B Marketing found that content marketing now accounts for 31% of total marketing budget, and continues to increase year-on-year. As such, businesses clearly place a value on copywriting even if the intelligentsia do not.

The old cliché “There is a novel inside everyone” may or may not be true...

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2012 – Our Copywriting Year in Review – Part 2

Following on from our last installment (predictably named 2012 – Our Copywriting Year in Review – Part 1), we continue our run down of the past twelve months, describing some of our projects and introducing some of our new customers. Enjoy!


Despite many businesses winding down their marketing efforts to reflect the Summer slow-down, Tech Write forged two new relationships requiring frequent blog contributions. Warrington-based educational IT-specialists Do Digital employed us to write a number of monthly blog posts targeted at their unique market niche. Meanwhile Essex web design agency Bytewire were also on the look out for skilled ghostwriter to contribute content to their company blog.

A picture of a desk calendar

A desk diary – very 2013!


August was relatively quiet although our ongoing commitments for...

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Making your web content work harder – Part 1

Recently I was asked by a customer whether it was OK to post an article which I had written for them in multiple locations. Obviously duplicating content across the web tends to cause trouble with search engines and so I advised against it. However the question led me to ask one of my own – how can my clients make better use of the content which they have commissioned me to write thereby maximising the return on their investment in my copywriting services?

Picture of a recycling bin containing paperwork

So I came up with ten ways to rework and repurpose an initial blog post or article without having to request more content. Here are the first five (the second set will appear on Thursday):

1. A press release

If the initial article was about a new product, service or achievement, why not turn it into a press release? There are thousands ...

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What are you trying to say? Web content that engages

Your business exists for one reason, and one reason alone – to sell your particular products and services. Clearly this helps define your raison d’être, but does it communicate what your customer needs to hear?

What does your customer want to know?It is easy to assume that your potential customer and you think alike; that they want to hear what it is you want to tell them. However this kind of thinking is not only backward, it could also mean that they end up giving their business to one of your competitors. The correct way to communicate with customers is to tell them what they want actually want to know. It sounds simple, but Tech Write have dealt with plenty of businesses more interested in broadcasting their company line completely ignoring their customer’s needs in the process.

So how do you know what your customer w...

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Learned something new? Blog it!

During the course of the many ghostwriting projects I undertake at Tech Write, research plays a critical part in helping me create compelling content for clients. The added benefit of this ‘reading around a subject’ is that I often find out interesting tips and tricks which go on to form the basis of future blog posts or articles for those same clients.

And herein lies a useful piece of advice – if you come across a useful piece of information related to your business, products or services, you should probably write it down and share it.

Why? There are two reasons. Firstly, if the information or concept you discover is brand new to you, chances are that at least some of the people reading your material have no idea either...

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