Web Copywriting: don’t underestimate the value of buzzwords

Buzzwords are evil

Buzzwords are confusing

Buzzwords should never be used

Sound familiar? When copywriting user-friendly web content, there is a definite case for avoiding buzzwords. After all, you want people to understand your message and not write your business off as arrogant or unapproachable (common reactions to hard-to-understand text apparently).

A picture of a bee - the perfect example of correct buzzword usage

Do bees communicate solely through buzzwords?


There is evidence to suggest that the use of the right buzzword in your copy can help increase sales. Known as the “Snackwell Effect”, customers actually look for certain buzzwords as part of their shopping process.

The phenomenon was first observed in dieters in America who would eat greater quantities of low-calorie snacks than they would of the regular variety. Why? Because these products were marketed as being “Light”, consumers believed they could eat more of them, even though doing so immediately negated any calorie savings. Ultimately these snacks led to the undoing of their diets thanks to a single buzzword – “light”.

Similar evidence exists to suggest that the Snackwell Effect can also be observed at work in other sectors. Many consumers report that their electricity bills rise after fitting “energy efficient” appliances. Why? Because they immediately begin to use more power elsewhere believing that the savings made by “energy efficient” devices will balance things out.

Clearly the right buzzword in the right place in your web content can help boost sales. However corporate jargon will never be acceptable:

What does she bring to the table?

The increased customer engagement aspect of this project will be a compelling value-add for the client.

Focusing on the low hanging fruit initially will keep up is the right ballpark

No one is going to buy that.

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