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Klout changes it’s algorithm – should you be concerned?

The Internet has been abuzz over the past 48 hours with chat relating to a change in the way Klout measures social influence. For many people it’s a big deal, while others appear completely unfazed. So should you be concerned?

Do you use social media?

If the answer is no, then you can forget all about Klout. Without a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account it is impossible to obtain a Klout score.

Should I focus on improving my Klout score?

If you are a business, absolutely not! Your core focus should be providing the very best products and services to customers, rather than chasing down a rather arbitrary guide on how popular you are. Make the use of social media another channel by which you interact with clients, resolving their issues and educating them...

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Making your web content work harder – Part 2

On Tuesday I related the case of a copywriting client who wanted to know about recycling an article I had written. This question then led me to create a list of ten uses for a single item of copy, five of which were covered in the previous post. Here in this second part of the series I outline another 5 uses which will help ensure a maximum return on your copywriting investment:

6. Sales materials and brochures

If your business thought a subject was important enough to secure professional copywriting services, then it is almost certainly the sort of content which you would pass on to would-be customers. Why not “cherry-pick” key stories and phrases for publication on your sales literature? A picture of global copywriting content recycling

7. Social media teasers

A quick quote lifted from a blog post can make excellent linkbait for use on...

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Making your web content work harder – Part 1

Recently I was asked by a customer whether it was OK to post an article which I had written for them in multiple locations. Obviously duplicating content across the web tends to cause trouble with search engines and so I advised against it. However the question led me to ask one of my own – how can my clients make better use of the content which they have commissioned me to write thereby maximising the return on their investment in my copywriting services?

Picture of a recycling bin containing paperwork

So I came up with ten ways to rework and repurpose an initial blog post or article without having to request more content. Here are the first five (the second set will appear on Thursday):

1. A press release

If the initial article was about a new product, service or achievement, why not turn it into a press release? There are thousands ...

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Content Marketing – You have to give if you want to receive

Although it seems to go against common sense, the new “social” web has created a paradox which many businesses are struggling to come to terms. Because in order to get something from your customer, you need to give them something first.

Content marketing is like this picture of a man holding a gift

Content marketing – giving your customers free information – feeds into the self-service culture that the Internet has created.

Now before you think I mean offering discounts, kickbacks or bribes, what you give need not necessarily be purely financial. Often an offer of assistance or some quality advice may be all your customer needs, and what sets your business apart from your competition.

One of the best ways to create interest in your brand is to clearly demonstrate benefits through creative copywriting – these days they like to call it ‘content marketin...

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LinkedIn password compromised? How to pick a secure replacement

If you are a user of social media, then the news that 6 million LinkedIn passwords have been compromised and posted online should be worrying. Not only could your reputation take a hit if someone decides to spoof your communications, but the implications could be far larger and more damaging still.

Because contrary to best practice, most people still use the same password for each of their online accounts. So if hackers get hold of that password via LinkedIn, they can then use it to get into your bank, PayPal, and Facebook accounts too. Obviously you need to (a) change your LinkedIn password and (b) come up with a new, yet memorable way to have unique passwords for each of your online accounts. 

Creating a new, secure password system

The first step to creating a secure password is to thin...

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