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Haters – Are they as important as brand advocates?

The age of social selling has brought with it an increased focus on “brand advocates”. By creating a community of super fans, your business will benefit from “free” word of mouth advertising.

And in reality, happy customers are good business.

But is it possible that brand haters could help your business too?

Apple vs Android – a quick primer

In the tech world, few disputes seem as deep or as as vicious as iOS vs Android. For anyone who doesn’t know, iOS is the operating system used by Apple mobile devices, and Android is used by most other smartphones (ignoring Blackberry and  Windows Phone of course).

Picture of the Android logo 'fixing' the Apple logo

Geek humour – much funny

For tech journalists, such high profile hatred is great, providing plenty of controversy for the blog posts and columns that their editors demand.

But as the teache...

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Does the New iPad Change Mobile Web Content?

Much has been made of the New iPad, focusing heavily on the new ‘Retina’ display which has a pixel density greater than that of a 40″ plasma TV (for the non-technical reader that means you can fit more stuff on the screen at once). This sudden rise in available screen real estate presents web designers and content managers with a dilemma – how much should I put on each screen? Picture of the New iPad

Previously we discussed the importance of brevity when creating mobile-friendly websites because screen sizes meant that visitors were unlikely to spend a great deal of time and effort scrolling through screens. With it’s greater capacity however, the New iPad negates this argument doesn’t it?

Despite selling over 3 million units in less than four days, the New iPad is still a comparative rarity when it comes to th...

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Writing Mobile Web Content

The explosion in popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers has created the need for mobile-optimised websites and written content to match. The small screens on an iPhone or iPad mean that website owner must be succinct when promoting goods and services for fear of losing potential business – the return however is well worth the trouble.

Major UK retailers like John Lewis have reported a large increase in purchases being made by customers using their mobile phone, up to 11% of their transactions this Christmas (last year it was just 3%). Internet auction site eBay are predicting that globally the m-commerce market will be worth $5 billion this year...

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