What is “content marketing” and why should I care?

If you spend any time looking around the web for advice on advertising your business, sooner or later the term “content marketing” will crop up. Put simply, content marketing is the creation and sharing of freePicture of someone typing content marketing materials content designed to engage with potential customers.


The theory behind content marketing is that by providing consumers with
high-quality content, your business will benefit from improved brand image which in turn influences purchasing decisions and increases customer loyalty. However, although this concept may sound optional, increased demand for fresh content by search engines and social media users means that content marketing is now essential for any business hoping to stay active and competitive on the internet.


Still not convinced? Consider these figures:

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  • 97% of customers make purchases based on their online relationship with the brand.
  • By the end of 2012, businesses as expected to spend 51% of their entire marketing budget on content marketing efforts.
  • 92% of web users rely on search engines to find information, whilst 71% use search engines to find products to purchase.
  • Blogs and articles dominate content marketing strategies, but the information is then disseminated to customers via social media channels.


Content marketing provides a decent return on investment when creating online relationships between customers and your brand. However, factor in the added benefit of increased search engine visibility and it is obvious that content marketing is essential. If the above figures don’t convince, check out this report from the Content Marketing Institute for more.


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