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The day I insulted a pop star and irked some copywriters

The fists of some angry copywriters

Last week I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about Kaiser Chief lyrics and copywriting. Or more specifically, why Kaiser Chief lyrics are a terrible example for copywriters.

Much to my surprise, the article gained a lot of traction – particularly after someone grassed me up to lead singer Ricky Wilson:
Ricky Wilson shows his displeasure

I did however learn three lessons from the “success” of the post.

1. Some copywriters are very limited in their sources of inspiration

A number of fellow professionals were quick to point out that comparing song lyrics to copy is like juxtaposing potatoes and peas. Fair enough.

But it also became apparent that many of these people do not seek to improve their own skills by observing “good” and “bad” wherever it may be found...

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Marketing Fail – UK City of Culture 2013

Do you know which was the UK City of Culture in 2013? If not, there is no reason to feel bad because only 6% of the population could correctly identify Derry as the holder of this prestigious title.

The Derry City of Culture 2013 logo

Derry is the City of Culture 2013. Not many people know that.

The idea behind the scheme is to encourage people to visit towns and cities they may have previously ignored by organising “cultural” events over a 12 month period. According to Derry hoteliers business is booming, but on the mainland the public remains relatively unaware of the events. Which is pretty poor considering Derry has had since 2010 to plan and publicise their year of cultural glory.

The Derry organising committee seems to have made two major mistakes in their marketing efforts, failing to publicise before the year of cult...

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Online Marketing – Doing a John Terry

Anyone watching the Europa League Final on TV last night will have been impressed by the last-gasp winner scored by Chelsea. Far less impressive however was the trophy presentation after the match. As you would expect, the entire Chelsea squad filed past the assembled dignitaries, collected their winners’ medals and lifted the cup. But what you may not expect was John Terry’s quick costume change at the final whistle.

Having been sidelined with an injury, John Terry failed to make even the substitutes bench for the Cup Final. He was therefore sat in the Chelsea technical area in suit and tie watching the match, effectively just another spectator. However after Ivanovic’s winning goal, Terry felt the need to change into his playing kit (complete with shinpads) to collect his medal.


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No blog? Your website is doomed. Or not.

Your website must have a blog. If your site has no blog, you have no hope of getting the attention of potential customers or search engines and your website is doomed. And your business too.  Or so many web gurus will tell you.

A picture of a sinking ship

Your blogless website will sink like a stone. Not.


The blog is a powerful tool when generating website traffic and developing your brand. A blog really does help demonstrate your industry expertise and help your potential customers understand who you are and what you do. But there are other ways to achieve similar goals.

Consider social media...

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Writing fake product reviews? Could be a bad idea…

For business owners who have products and services listed on consumer review sites, the temptation is great to create positive feedback in order to boost visibility and (hopefully!) sales. If you have already garnered a few negative or lukewarm responses, the pressure to address the balance is even greater, but research has led to the development of a new algorithm called GSRank which can automatically detect biased (or fake) reviews.

The researchers found that there were a number of common factors in fake reviews, regardless of who had written them and these form the basis of GSRank. It is hoped that consumer review companies like Yelp!, and maybe even Google themselves will implement GSRank to prevent product reviews becoming worthless to would-be customers.

Oh, and there also remains th...

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