You cannot afford to ignore the mobile web any longer

For many businesses the mobile web has been seen as a passing fad. Mobile websites have traditionally been slow to load and uninteresting to use but the transition to smartphones with larger screens and tablet computers has changed the mobile web permanently.

Picture of an iPad

The iPad is now critical to mobile commerce

The latest figures from RichRelevance’s 2012 Q1 Shopping Insights Mobile Study suggest that not only is the UK at the forefront of mobile web shopping, but that by March of this year, mobile devices accounted for 9.1% of all e-commerce transactions. Even more importantly, the average transaction from mobile devices was £109.68; desktop computers averaged just £100.05.

The figures go on and on, all proving that iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices are of increasing value to online businesses, particularly as the iPad accounts for 82% of the total mobile web spend. As such it is now impossible to ignore the importance of providing a mobile-optimised version of your website.

Fortunately many tools exist to convert existing sites to mobile-friendly versions, but careful consideration should also be given to the content for mobile presentation. The new iPad may have a massive screen resolution allowing for the display of plenty of text, but as we discussed previously (Does the New iPad change mobile content?), the majority of mobile devices do not. It is therefore imperative that mobile copy be concise to grab the reader’s attention increase the chances of converting their clicks into sales.

Just like last time we covered the mobile web (Writing Mobile Web Content), the copywriting rules are simple – keep it short, keep it snappy. Mobile web uptake is accelerating at a phenomenal rate and businesses who fail to get on board now will not only struggle to develop brand loyalty with early adopters – they may miss out entirely.

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