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Copywriting tip – Who am I writing for?

Whenever I start a copywriting project, there is always an overwhelming urge to get started immediately, throwing down the salient points in a nice ordered list. It is relatively easy to produce content for customers that they really like.

Picture of a large black question mark

Who am I writing for?

Only, that’s not the point. Great copy is written for what your customer likes. What I as a writer, or you as the owner think is of far less significance.

That’s why it is important to approach any copywriting project slowly. It is crucial to understand not only the message, but the audience we need to reach. Who are they What are their needs? What problem of theirs do we need to address? I like to ask a lot of questions so that we both get the desired result – you get a load of new sales and I get a truly happy customer.


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Copywriting – Are you serious about eliminating buzzwords?

Every few weeks some journalist or blogger writes a story about the evil of buzzwords, before going on to cite “genuine examples” from marketing collateral or an internal memo they have seen. Amidst the frenzy some businesses will release a quick statement via their PR team, outlining a commitment to “avoiding management speak” in future communications.

Management speak in your copy is unacceptable

Management speak may be unacceptable, but is your business really moving to stamp it out?

But within weeks everything returns to normal, and buzzwords are circulating like flies around a cesspool once more.

The fact is your customers often expect buzzwords, technical jargon and management speech from you, wrongly equating confusing terminology with expertise. As Alastaire Allday noted on his blog, your own staff will actively use jargon in ...

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Copywriting Tip Revisited – Fake Reviews are a Bad Idea

Some time ago (August 2012 if you want to be pedantic), we discussed the dangers of commissioning or writing fake product reviews for your brand. Although you might expect such tactics to be the preserve of wide-boys and dodgy start-ups, it would appear that even global behemoths may have engaged in it too.

Picture of the The Spiral Staircase of Doom, reserved for copywriters of fake product reviews

If your business writes fake reviews, you could find yourself on the Spiral Staircase of Doom

Last month the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission (FTC) announced they were investigating Samsung in relation to a large volume of negative reviews which had been posted about the products of competitor HTC...

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Cheap Copywriting Tip – Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

Normally I find the Money Saving Expert enewsletter to be a useful read, both from a personal and business perspective. Something in today’s edition however made my blood run cold.


Picture of the "Ward of Cheap" sign in London - no relevance to cheap copywriting though. © Ewan-M

The idea of anything being “cheap” in the City of London is amusing. And unlikely.

Tucked into a section headed “30 ways to earn cash online”, I found:


Write copy. Web content brokers pay £2-£30 per piece, eg, Groupon ads and travel descriptions. Forumite Sinkorswim says: “Been doing it 9mths & made £1,000. It’s a godsend.


Now the more cynical reader may think that I am simply being protectionist, that I can see my potential market being eaten away by people looking to make a bit of extra pocket money. Obviously the more copywriters there are in the market, the fewer jobs I can land.


But if commi...

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Copywriting Portfolio – Clearswift website text rewrite project

As a leading provider of IT security solutions worldwide, solutions vendor Clearswift recognise the importance of appearing to be cutting edge, to inspire confidence in customers that their packages are also up-to-date. With the launch of a new suite of revolutionary solutions on the horizon, Clearswift decided that their website could also do with an overhaul, calling upon inbound marketing specialist  Tomorrow People to assist.

The new Clearswift logo

The new copywritten content was to accompany a complete rebrand for Clearswift including this new logo

The Brief

Although the new website was expected to take several weeks to launch, Clearswift and Tomorrow People agreed to complete the initial web content copyedit process in just 10 days...

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