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Copywriting tip – National Stop Snoring Week

Wake up! Believe it or not, the 22nd-27th April is National Stop Snoring Week here in the UK. Although the event is  intended to raise awareness about sleep apnoea and other sleep-related disorders, the web copywriter can also do their bit to help prevent snoring.

Picture of a man who has been sent to sleep by poor copywriting. Image copyright belongs to cell105

Terrible copy appears to have sent this poor soul to sleep. Let’s hope he’s not snoring.

How? By not writing snore-inducing, boring junk obviously.

B2B writing projects by their very nature require a slightly more formal tone. But formal never means boring. Business people are still people after all, and everyone needs some entertainment. Apart from actuaries – there seems to be some debate over their humanity...

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Copywriting tip – Let someone else write it

You already know that your company website is of critical importance as a lead generating and sales tool. You probably also know that most people find your website for the first time using a search engine. You may even know that search engines tend to favour sites that have top quality content which is updated regularly.

Picture of a Help button

There is no shame in asking for help from a professional copywriter. Why miss out on sales because you don’t have time to generate leads online yourself?

But simply knowing these facts isn’t enough. You actually have to get that content written and uploaded to your website.

You probably already have the skills, knowledge and experience to put together a great blog post, or maybe even a series of brilliant articles. But do you have the time?

When I talk to business owners, ...

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Web Content tip – Are you ready for Christmas?

Today marks nine months until Christmas Day. To that it into perspective it’s worth remembering that one-quarter of a year has already passed since the last one. So why am I on about Christmas before we have even had the Easter weekend?

A picture of a Christmas present

With just 9 months until the big day, is your web content ready for Christmas?

If your business sells products and services to consumers, chances are that December is your busiest month. Consider the figures from Christmas 2012:

  • John Lewis reported a 44% growth in e-commerce sales from December 2011
  • Total UK retail sales were up just 0.3% on 2011, but e-commerce sales grew by 15.5% over the same period.
  •  24% of UK shoppers made at least one purchase using their mobile or tablet

With e-commerce becoming a significant part of your turnover, you need to hav...

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Copywriting tip – Spelling mistakes can change your message

On the way into work this morning, I passed a sign on the door of the cafeteria:

Kim is ill today so service may be a little slower than normal. Please bare with us 

An error icon denoting poor spelling in copywriting

Surely everyone knows that “bare” is not safe for business copywriting?

Although I appreciate the warning, I personally prefer to dine fully clothed. I would also rather the people serving my food are dressed too.

What the writer of this sign has demonstrated so elegantly is that although they managed to spell “bare” correctly, what they actually meant to write was “bear“. The wrong choice of word changed their message from a plea for patience to a far more risqué request.

And so it is with your own copywritten content. Poor spelling not only reflects badly on your company, but it can also significantly change the message ...

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Celebrating Saint Piran and Copywriting on Saint Piran’s Day

The 5th of March is the feast day of Saint Piran, patron saint of tin miners and (arguably) Cornwall itself. The founder of the Abbey of Lanpiran, Saint Piran is believed to have been of Irish descent and earned his place in history by the re-discovery of tin-smelting.

A picture of Saint Piran, rediscoverer of tin-smelting and inspiration to professional copywriters worldwide

Most historians forget to mention Saint Piran was also a giant, capable of cradling a mid-sized church in his hands unaided.

Legend has it that Piran owned a black hearthstone which, thanks to heat of his fire (or through divine intervention) had the tin content smelt out of it and settle on the surface in the form of a cross. Which was a pretty big deal in the 6th Century.

Great history lesson, but what on earth does that have to do with copywriting?

Piran’s uninspiring fireplace was also the source of something of  incredi...

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