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The day I insulted a pop star and irked some copywriters

The fists of some angry copywriters

Last week I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about Kaiser Chief lyrics and copywriting. Or more specifically, why Kaiser Chief lyrics are a terrible example for copywriters.

Much to my surprise, the article gained a lot of traction – particularly after someone grassed me up to lead singer Ricky Wilson:
Ricky Wilson shows his displeasure

I did however learn three lessons from the “success” of the post.

1. Some copywriters are very limited in their sources of inspiration

A number of fellow professionals were quick to point out that comparing song lyrics to copy is like juxtaposing potatoes and peas. Fair enough.

But it also became apparent that many of these people do not seek to improve their own skills by observing “good” and “bad” wherever it may be found...

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2014 – That was the copywriting year that was

Picture of Bye 2014 and fireworks

Although I’m a writer by trade, I find there is something compelling about statistics. Well, website statistics anyway – I’m not sure actuarial accountancy is interesting, even for actuaries.

So as 2015 starts to wind itself up, here are the top 5 Tech Write blog posts from last year. And for good measure, all of the observations will still be valid this year too.

1. #MI1020 – When Microsoft Got Marketing Right

Microsoft are often (justly) criticised for being crap, like the much maligned Scroogled campaign for instance. But the MI1020 experiential campaign for the new Nokia Lumia 1020 handset was a complete triumph, as you can see here.

Ironically this post was first published in 2013.

2. 10 Reasons Your Top 10 Blog Posts Suck

Continuing in the ironic vein the second most popular Tech Wri...

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3 tips to regain your own copywriting voice

Yesterday one of my copywriting contacts blogged about how writing for clients and adopting their tone of voice meant that she had lost her own personality. Although Rachel can write compelling text for her clients, she noticed that her own blog posts lacked a certain zing.

A picture of a sparkler symbolising the lost creative copywriting spark

Lost your copywriting mojo? Here’s 3 tips to reignite that spark

Has she lost her soul in the process of channelling her clients wishes?

Unless Rachel is working for Lucifer himself (it is possible – I’ve never seen her client list), the answer is no. Here’s my tips for getting her mojo back.

1. Stay diverse

An extremely successful copywriter once told me it is far better to specialise in a niche, than to be a jobbing writer for all trades. And he was probably completely right.

But for the professional researcher/writer

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The Death of Guest Blogging – Matt Cutts Starved My Family

Every time Matt Cutts opens his mouth, the SEO industry goes into meltdown. As Google’s “head of webspam”, his job is to tweak algorithms in any way he sees fit to deliver the best possible search results to customers. Oh, and to sell more sponsored search results.

When Cutts says something, those involved with search engine optimisation (SEO) listen.

Picture of Matt Cutts who allegedly killed the art of guest blogging

Matt Cutts – fairy murderer and bane of the SEO professional

Matt Cutts – Fairy Murderer

Each time Google release a new algorithm update a fairy dies. Or an SEO guru loses their job. Maybe even both.

So when Cutts issued his latest commandment – Thou shalt not guest blog – there was collective disbelief from SEO agencies across the world...

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Copywriting tip – 10 reasons your ‘Top 10 listicle’ blog posts suck

If you’ve ever used Facebook, you’re bound to have encountered at least one Top 10 listicle. Incredibly popular with sites like Reddit and Buzzfeed, these top 10 list blog posts promise all kinds of awesome entertainment and excitement.

But the truth is, top 10 lists suck. Here are my top 10 reasons for not using listicles.

10. These lists are invariably “click bait”

Top 10 lists are usually designed to get people to click onto your site and read a list of somewhat arbitrary information dressed up under an irresistible headline. The idea is that once people have hit your site, they just won’t be able to resist clicking through to read more of your wonderful blog posts. They might even buy something!

But they won’t, because they quickly discover that you cheated them with a salacious blog...

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