Customer Feedback is a Content Goldmine

Although customer feedback is essential for improving products and services, their responses can in fact be multi-purpose, helping to create a further return on investment when creating and deploying satisfaction surveys. When the results of a feedback survey are collated, they often contain gems which can be put to good use for marketing your business.

The Testimonial

In an age where social interaction is becoming more important, customer recommendations are gold. Often customer

Picture of A+ customer feedback

If you get some A+ customer feedback, you should always use it for a website testimonial

feedback contains positive comments which can then be used on your website or other advertising media, raising the credibility of your business. Keep an eye out for snippets which reflect positively on your business and don’t be afraid to use them.

Many businesses dedicate a page on their website to collating customer testimonials, and these ‘soundbites’ are a perfect way to showcase your positive feedback and, reading between the lines, give an indication of the types of businesses or individuals you are helping. Often a list of high-profile customers can help bolster the confidence of new clients.

The Case Study

If you feel that a customer has been particularly glowing about you, feel free to get back in contact and ask for further details. If they are happy to oblige you can offer to profile their business as part of a case study designed to show how your own product or service has met a particular need of theirs. Case studies require further investment of time and effort, but also allow the opportunity to showcase more details of your product and just how effective it is.

Once complete, the case study can be made available freely on your website or offered as part of a wider marketing campaign. You could offer potential clients a free download of the case study in return for signing up to your email marketing database for instance. Alternatively the case study can be worked into a larger document, such as a white paper for distribution to qualified sales leads.

Reuse and Recycle

Customer feedback can be reused time and again, either in its raw format for testimonials or used as a foundation for other marketing material. A good store of feedback will also help provide inspiration for future marketing efforts by providing evidence of what worked well in the past and helping to avoid mistakes of the past.

With the assistance of a willing customer, the feedback form can even provide the basis of a video testimonial for posting on a company YouTube channel or streamed from the corporate website. The possibilities provided through feedback are almost endless, further reinforcing the importance of gathering it in the first place.

If nothing else, a good archive of customer feedback can be used to celebrate business success!

If you would like advice on gathering or using customer feedback for the benefit of your business, please drop me a line using the contact form to see how Tech Write can help.