Are you planning to give your blogging a summer break?

The long summer break is nearly upon us (here in the UK anyway!) and thoughts are quickly turning to holidays and time off work. But what about your company blog? The always-on nature of the internet means that a break in your blog could have wider implications.

Breaks in blogging cost readers

Ultimately your blog is there for your customers, present and future, to learn more about your business, your industry and your viewpoint on various relevant topics. Over time blogs collect a number of followers who return regularly to your website to read your latest posts. If your readers find that nothing has changed since their last visit they will eventually stop coming back. Permanently. Picture of a man in a summery looking swimming pool

Breaks in blogging cost search engine results

People are not the only ones reading your website content; search engine spiders also regularly crawl your website looking for new web pages and blog posts. In the same way that “real” people stop coming back when blogging stops, so too do the search engines. And when search engines have no reason to check your website, they automatically demote your relevance in rankings, making it harder for new people to find your website in future.

Outsource blogging to prevent loss of readers

Everyone needs a break, so it may seem unreasonable to expect your business to keep generating new web content. However one of the best solutions to the conundrum is to outsource blog writing to a suitably experienced copywriter. Whether this is a permanent arrangement or simply to provide cover whilst away, the choice is yours.

An blog writing service ensures that your website is updated regularly, keeping both readers and search engines happy – which means you will be happier in the long run too.

So if you are off on holiday in the coming weeks, give Ben Lloyd at Tech Write a call to discuss how I can keep your blog going in your absence. The Tech Write satisfaction guarantee means that you always get the web content you want or you don’t pay a penny.