Content Marketing – You have to give if you want to receive

Although it seems to go against common sense, the new “social” web has created a paradox which many businesses are struggling to come to terms. Because in order to get something from your customer, you need to give them something first.

Content marketing is like this picture of a man holding a gift

Content marketing – giving your customers free information – feeds into the self-service culture that the Internet has created.

Now before you think I mean offering discounts, kickbacks or bribes, what you give need not necessarily be purely financial. Often an offer of assistance or some quality advice may be all your customer needs, and what sets your business apart from your competition.

One of the best ways to create interest in your brand is to clearly demonstrate benefits through creative copywriting – these days they like to call it ‘content marketing’. This can be in the form of blog posts, case studies, white papers or even good old newsletters. However there is one thing which will mark your content as being different from that of your competitors – if you ‘give’ your readers something to take away.

This can be as simple as a greater appreciation for the technical specifications of your product, alternative and creative uses, or even just something to think about. If you can get your customer to think as they read, you are also encouraging them to think about your brand.

So next time you attempt a blog post or article, think about what you are giving your reader. By sharing your knowledge, visitors will respect you as an authority in your field, making them more likely to share what they know about you with their friends. Resist the urge to cut corners because your offering is free and instead focus on providing quality content which enhances your customer’s experience.

Giving in the form of content marketing may be a long term investment, but the returns are manifold in the era of the social web.

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