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Is Web Content Really King?

An article recently did the rounds on Twitter claiming that marketing is more important than your web content. Without marketing, no one will ever find your site and content the author says. And in a way, they are correct.

The spiral staircase of web content marketing success

On the spiral staircase of success, to market your business, you must first market your web content

Writing great copy and publicising it are no longer separate activities. With millions of new webpages being created every day, the chances of people simply stumbling across your website are virtually zero.

It is essential that every article or blog post you create is advertised somewhere to encourage people to visit.

There are plenty of ways to publicise web content- email marketing, tweets or submission to various web directories...

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Incredible life hack from the world’s richest entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered why Richard Branson is so ridiculously productive?

Or how Bill Gates remained focused long enough to build one of the world’s largest software companies?

Or even how Donald Trump found time to build a vast empire of money making ventures and to run for President?

The truth is that Gates, Branson, Trump and all the other billionaires you can think of use this one productivity life hack to keep their lives in check.

And it’s so simple anyone can steal their secret and start their own journey towards success/fulfilment/riches (delete as appropriate).

So what is this secret life hack?

What do they know that you don’t?

What have you been doing wrong all these years?

I’ll tell you…

they don’t waste time reading clickbait.

Pretty simple...

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The Breaking Point poster – a failed tribute

Nigel Farage’s latest UKIP ad has drawn huge amounts of criticism, considered to be so tasteless that it could contend for a Chip Shop Award. Regardless of its message, the Breaking Point poster proves that great advertising is timeless.

Nigel Farage's Breaking Point poster proves great copywriting and advertising is worth stealing

Nigel Farage’s Breaking Point poster proves great copywriting and advertising is worth stealing

Does it look familiar? It should do:

Picture of the infamous "Labour isn't working" 1979 Conservative election campaign poster

The inspiration for many a political poster

I’ve written about Andrew Rutherford’s poster before because it embodies what the perfect ad needs; a great slogan, a powerful image, and a bit of cheek to make you think. Unfortunately Farage’s effort doesn’t quite match up.

In fact, once you get past the strikingly similar imagery, the Breaking Point poster is a pretty poor effort...

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Who needs copywriting?

As a professional technical copywriter who spends all day dipping into Twitter conversations with other copywriters, it’s easy to forget some of the basics of our art. When I discovered that lots of people ask Google who needs copywriting? I was astonished.

At first I thought maybe this was yet another example of the copyright vs copywriter confusion. But after a while it dawned on me – if people don’t know what a copywriter does, why would they know if they need one?

Words are magic. And very hard work

Everywhere you see a piece of marketing text, a copywriter has should have been involved. If you need a three word tagline, or a 5000 word ebook, you also need a copywriter.

Who needs copywriting? Great text is not magic as this picture shows, it is the result of hard work

Magic copy is a lot of hard work

You are always surrounded by examples of copywriting, each of varying lev...

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Everything you know about Apple ad blockers is wrong

The announcement of support for ad blockers in iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, sent the marketing industry into melt down. If iPhone and iPad users block ads when surfing the web, thousands of campaigns go up in smoke.

This despite the fact that ad blockers have existed on all other platforms for some time now.

Apple claim the move is to speed up mobile web browsing for its users, and to reduce the heavy toll that rich media ads exert on mobile data allowances. The chance to hurt Google’s core business model is just an added bonus.

Marketers love Apple – for good reason

It’s no secret that iOS users spend much, much more than Android owners, even though there are less of them. Look at these figures for Black Friday 2015 (click for larger versions):

Black Friday 2015 mobile average spend

Black Friday 2015 mobil...

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