Making your web content work harder – Part 2

On Tuesday I related the case of a copywriting client who wanted to know about recycling an article I had written. This question then led me to create a list of ten uses for a single item of copy, five of which were covered in the previous post. Here in this second part of the series I outline another 5 uses which will help ensure a maximum return on your copywriting investment:

6. Sales materials and brochures

If your business thought a subject was important enough to secure professional copywriting services, then it is almost certainly the sort of content which you would pass on to would-be customers. Why not “cherry-pick” key stories and phrases for publication on your sales literature? A picture of global copywriting content recycling

7. Social media teasers

A quick quote lifted from a blog post can make excellent linkbait for use on the Twitter microblogging platform, drawing more visitors to your website as they seek more information. Sites like Facebook and Google+ accept longer posts, so you can create a shortened version of your blog post for submission on a company social media account.

8. An eBook

Electronic books are rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to lightweight, cost-effective ereaders. As such people are always looking for content and, best of all, many are willing to pay for these ebooks.

Obviously a single blog post will not make a great ebook, but if there are several entries on a related topic, why not combine and edit them carefully to create a multi-page document? If you feel the content is particularly valuable, you can even put the ebook up for sale through an online marketplace like the iBook Store, Google Play or Amazon.

9. Guest posts

Long recognised as a great way of creating backlinks and increasing your search engine rankings, re-written blog posts can be “donated” to other sites which are relevant to your industry. The website which receives your guest post benefits from some free content and you benefit from some free publicity – a great return on your initial copywriting project.

10. A Wikipedia article

Wikipedia do not condone self-promotion by businesses, but there is nothing to stop companies adding general information, or adding to existing entries. Your blog may well reference pertinent information which can be used to update Wikipedia – you can even create a reference back to your site when quoting facts and figures.

And that completes the list of ten additional uses for a blog post helping to ensure you get the best from your paid-for content. And if you are concerned that you are not getting a satisfactory return on your copywriting projects, try putting a few of these techniques into practice.

If you are looking for a blogger or need some professional copywriting services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.