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Online Marketing – Doing a John Terry

Anyone watching the Europa League Final on TV last night will have been impressed by the last-gasp winner scored by Chelsea. Far less impressive however was the trophy presentation after the match. As you would expect, the entire Chelsea squad filed past the assembled dignitaries, collected their winners’ medals and lifted the cup. But what you may not expect was John Terry’s quick costume change at the final whistle.

Having been sidelined with an injury, John Terry failed to make even the substitutes bench for the Cup Final. He was therefore sat in the Chelsea technical area in suit and tie watching the match, effectively just another spectator. However after Ivanovic’s winning goal, Terry felt the need to change into his playing kit (complete with shinpads) to collect his medal.


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Copywriting Classic – 1979 Election Poster Edition

Whatever you think about Margaret Thatcher and her legacy, one of the most memorable aspects of her political career was the incredible 1979 election poster for the Conservative party. Instantly recognisable, the “Labour isn’t working” poster and print campaign is credited by some as leading to James Callaghan’s thrashing at the polls that year.

Picture of the infamous "Labour isn't working" 1979 Conservative election campaign poster

Hats off to Andrew Rutherford for this incredible example of top-class copywriting

As well as a powerful visual, the simple three word slogan is pure copywriting genius. Andrew Rutherford pulls off a masterstroke by addressing the high unemployment of 1979, the perceived failures of the incumbent administration and suggests that nothing will change for the foreseeable future under a Labour government. All in just three words.

The “Labour isn’t work...

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Content Marketing – Why Worry About White Papers?

If you operate in the B2B marketplace, it is extremely likely that at some point you will have been asked to trade your email address in return for receiving a “white paper”. This magical document promises to explain why Cloud widgets help slash operating costs, increase efficiency and improve business profits (or something similar). But only if you sign up first. No email address, no white paper.

A collection of white papers in folders ready for use in content marketing

If you printed out all the white papers on the Internet, it would look a bit like this

White paper madness?

The white paper is at the forefront of a “new” revolution called content marketing. But really it boils down to a very old marketing premise – give the customer something for nothing, and have them join your marketing mailing list in the process.

The reason that white papers are so popular ...

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Help Your Copywriter Help You – Know Your Customers’ Pain

The most effective copywriting speaks directly into the reader’s situation, helping to build confidence in your brand. Fail to connect on a personal level and your message will be lost in the background noise.

A man holding his head in pain brought on by poor copywriting services

This guy has a headache. Let’s hope it wasn’t caused by poorly focused copywriting

A copywriter can create compelling content designed to tug at the heartstrings of readers, but only if it is targeted correctly. Which is where you, the commissioner of copywriting services come in.

As a provider of goods and services you already know the customer problems you can solve. At the most basic level, you should know what issues your customers have when they turn to your company for help. What are their pains?

In the same way that your business’ offerings have been developed to relieve speci...

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Copywriting tip – What the hell is a “Eurorealist”*?

During an interview with Radio 4 this morning, Minister without Portfolio Ken Clarke decided to drop a new word into the public conscious – eurorealist*. Despite existing in some limited circles since the middle of the last decade, eurorealist has yet to gain much traction and is certainly not yet in common usage (a quick Google reveals less than 250,000 matches).

A picture of Ken Clarke whose use of the term eurorealist presents a copywriting problem

Ken Clarke is a eurorealist apparently. Whatever one of those is.

The eurorealist example raises an important issue for businesses preparing to employ a professional copywriter. Should your web content be packed with up-to-the-minute wording?

When should you use “new” words in your copywriting?

In some circumstances, particularly when technology is involved, the introduction of new words is essential...

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